AUD NZD – The Best Forex Pair To Trade

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The AUD NZD is the best Forex pair to trade, and I explain why. Those who want to trade the No Nonsense Forex way need to pay close attention to this one.

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Beginners Video –

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EUR/GBP and GBP/CHF Video –


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  1. I am trading 15 mins…. I have watched most of videos… Will it be good to trade with this time period…. Cause I don’t want daily or hourly…

  2. watching this on 2021 March, mind making another video discussing if Covid-19 has changed it's behaviour?

  3. Thanks so much for this! Just by looking at the chart, I can tell its an easy pair to trade. Im definitely subscribing!

  4. Well it's OT but you mention it: the EU seemed like a bad idea to us in the UK – and as far as I'm concerned we got into the escape pod right at the last moment, Hollywood-style. But it seems to me if you went to (for example) the Netherlands and talked to anyone under the age of 60 you'd be hard pressed to find many who aren't fervent advocates of the EU.

    I mean I think they're mad – but there are an army of these types in the UK: passionate devotees of what looks to me like a political experiment that will likely result in a bunch of politicians grabbing more power without being democratically accountable.

    These EU-fans seem very well-represented in the broadcast media – though they constantly complain that anyone with an alternative view is given any airtime at all. I guess what I'm getting at is it's a combustible topic 🙂

  5. watched it yesterday and my system gave me signal 4 days back and I can literally confirm that this is the best forex pair Thank you VP for everything<3

  6. Hey anybody know when is is the best session to trade this pair…I backtested it and it works like a dream with my system but i can't seem to pinpoint the best times of the day to trade it.. Thanks in advance

  7. Hi, sir just wanna ask if you have mql4 for the currency menu of mt4. My MT4 on my laptop has so limited currency pairs only

  8. What I love the most about VP's stuff, even more than how it's helping me grow my account, is how it lets me spot the bullshit.

    For years I've felt like a helpless rube on the receiving end of an endless barrage of trading bullshit advertisements.

    Now, thanks to VP, I can spot the bullshit a mile away…Fibs…bullshit, reversal trading…bullshit, MACD…bullshit and on and on.

    I can now not waste money or time on useless offers from the trading industry…this is a seriously big deal for me.

    Thanks VP!

  9. That moment when you scroll thro VPs videos and realise you have watched them all and now you have the big sad and waiting for VP to upload a video

  10. Just watched this vid, really nice info on here. Never analysed this pair before, just did it for the first time, lets see how my first prediction goes.

  11. Now i can Understand that, by staying away from the radar :Big Banks ,you can achieve massive Results and avoid being chased .VP you are really giving real and right education and Mindset ,Thanks

  12. I only find a solid set up about 1-2 times every two weeks. Market structure and fundamentals. Haven’t lost in a month

  13. Men I will like to contact you and thanks you for everything you have done , I believe no one talks about what you talk about thanks VP blessings for you and fam

  14. I trade the AUD/USD and the EUR/USD pair so far but I will try the AUD/NZD now. Nice, clear price action.

  15. VP you are so cool! I’ve probz learnt more from you than from any other forex youtuber. I hope Id b privileged to bump into you one day after im a successful trader lol(if and when) I’m gettin addicted to your content on Youtube!

  16. we hate news? do you think without news there were as much movement of price as is with news? I think news are still good catalyst for moves

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