ATR Trailing Stop | 2021 Profitable Strategy| IQ Option | Pocket Option | No Loss |Earn Money Online

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  1. The ATR on my pocket option does not show up with my candles, it is a separate graph below..

  2. IQ option  is totally a scam.Be careful. Avoid trading in IQ option. You cannot make money on that platform.  They manipulate their chart and indicator.  Many Times , it has been detected matching meta trader 4. They do it intentionally  so that trader loose their money.
    In spite of being  that, if some  trader make money some how, then they either close their account and withdrawal process or down grade of the profit percentage.  Recently,  so many established trader published their video on YouTube   about their scamming activities.  So, be careful.
    IQ is undoubtedly #scam

  3. Unfortunately i can not use IQ option in my country! What other platform has this indicator? That you know of… thanks

  4. Thanks this looks very promising! I've seen some of your other videos. Which strategy do you use most often in your regular trading?

  5. What is the time frame on the candle and what is the expiration time of the trade

  6. I sought this works the way this videos is showing it look at all the candles and the art crossing it a win no way it’s this easy

  7. Hello brother, I need to Know when the Green Candle crosses the Green Line it means: Up trade or Down trade?. and when the Red Candle crosses the Red Line it means: Down trade or Up trade?. I need your answer and thanks for your strategy I am implementing it and learning it every day.

  8. Hey I love this strategy. As I live in America I can not have Iqoption account. Could you show me what indicator I can use on Pocket option for this strategy? The pocket option does not provide the ATR Trailing indicator….

  9. Unfortunately, I use the packet option and it does not have this indicator

    Of course, I have used one of your strategies well, with your permission, by adding an indicator for better confirmation, and I have achieved good profits, to which I owe you all.

  10. Greetings and courtesy and respect

    Dear Master, before getting acquainted with your channel, I had to buy VFX Alert, and even now I have not been able to use it properly. Of course, you have 2 videos about this, but still I could not understand the correct use method. Please help me with this

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