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Arbitraging Review | THE BEST CRYPTO ARBITRAGE BOT?!?!

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Please let me know if there are any other arbitrage bots or investment websites you would like me to cover in the future, I am always open to looking at new websites.




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I am a channel dedicated to educating and exposing different investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency world. I follow many different currencies and give the best investment information and news about them. I hope to be your one stop shop to making money!

This video is purely educational and is not intended as financial advice.


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  1. If you are a supporter of Arbitraging, know that I made this video in order to educate people who have not yet invested in the website and to educate them on the risk of this website. Once proof is released of the legitimacy of the bot, I will then make an update video showcasing that, however until then, the website maintains high risk.

  2. Hi! I habe a question…what stopps you from developping an own arbitrage bot? I habe seen many developpers from india or other countries offering personal arbitrage bots quite cheap…couldnt this be interesting (as long as we dont give them our API Key)?

  3. Hello! Thank you for the video. I have some good ones if you are still active on this channel.

  4. 0.71% is a lot but you promote automoon.ii who claims 1% a day. How is that more legit? Not hating just curious

  5. Scam stay away do not invest its all a lie the worst ever-Anyone thinking of getting into Arb. Don't do it.

  6. it seems if you activate the membership plan you have greater limit order amount per day

  7. คนยุคใหม่ใช้ AI ทำเงิน!!
    ทำกำไรได้สูงถึง 400%

    ปันผลให้ทุกวัน 1-2.5% เบิกถอนได้ทุกวัน จ-ศ.

    สมัครฟรี ค่ะ

  8. You are right not good, new investors need to buy the tokens with ETH that they pay your profits in, you need to sell them

  9. Anyone thinking of getting into Arb. Don't do it. Just a example I have 749.00 in my a bot which takes about a week to make one arb.. also I was thinking about pulling my arb from a bot.. if I were to remove from about today they would pay me a total of 33 arb.. value of 149.00
    750 reduced to 149.. don't get into ARB!!!

  10. Good video, It's important to be diligent. David Peterson has a lot of questions to answer about whether or not is an actual company or not. Notice what the company name is at the bottom of the website?!? I can't find any info about Global World Technology LTD. as being a legit company being listed anywhere. I am a member of ARB and inquired through a support ticket. The official answer I recv'd was it's the parent company of, it's also the same auto signature David uses in his personal emails, not Yet all correspondence from him and the team indicate he is the C.E.O. If he doesn't answer soon he's going to lose a lot of investors

  11. Recently won World Crypto Conference "Token Tank" judged by major crypto personalities & also endorsed by Jeremy Schoemaker. CEO very visible & invites investors etc to his home. Major updates & new functionality due before Xmas. Works for me,

  12. I would be very interested in arbitrage. Know and you can recommend me some valid software that I could use?

  13. Nice job man , my opinion on arbitrage is very similar. Today is not enough market depth for arbitrage opportunities additionaly there is more free arb scanners, more people trying earn this way means higher arbitrage competition. In reality almost impossible to earn like this .

  14. How comes you don't recommend it but tell people to use your link and you are invested

  15. Thanks for the video. Could you please look into crystal token also and give your valuble feedback..

  16. It's a very creditable video but I had to thumb down, you put a commission referral link.. SMH

  17. It's a giant Ponzi, all these Arb promoters in this comment section are desperate to keep the money coming in. You disagree you get banned on telegram, No videos at all on mBot, yet all these promoters said before Mbot came out they can't wait to use it. Still no videos… ONE MASSIVE PONZI SCAM.. FULL OF LIES the Whitepaper all these new rules and regulations, you get locked up in aBot like old lending platforms as there's a start/stop price which is over a 50% cut.. STAY AWAY

  18. make better DUE DILIGENCE and RESEARCH i can write for hours why .. mbot withdraw, there is ip and crypto coins address white-lists .. its stupid to say that the Arbitraging Co can empty your exchange accounts. I m your subscriber for a long time i m expecting a better and more transparent review (i want you to know you speak from your self of Gunbots behalf? as i know they had and sallied a limit licence arbitraging bot). i give you links to help you in your DUE DILIGENCE and RESEARCH as i did, and my suggestion is make a new review and faq with CEO. cult? lol (i will not answer that)

  19. There’s a cap on how much you can invest also. Not a bad review. I’m invested heavily but I also have the same opinions as you.

  20. You white list addresses for your api keys so you can only withdraw to whitelisted addresses.

  21. is this is the only arbitrage bot ? what's your final opinion about this bot? should we invest in A bot ?

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