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All Best Advanced Humanoid Robots Until 2021 Ep. 03 || Male Version

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All Best Advanced Humanoid Robots Until 2021 Ep. 03 || Male Version.
All Best Humanoid Robots Till 2021
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1. Honda ASIMO

2. Kawada HRP-4

3. Petman
Petman is an anthropomorphic robot developed by Boston Dynamics.

4. Boston-Dynamics-robot-atlas

5. T-HR3

All 3 Geminoids

6. Geminoid DK

7. Geminoid hi-4

8. Geminoid F


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  2. Boston Dynamics is the top dog in robotics. I mean look at the leaps they have made.. Incredible

  3. China and US govt want us believe that the terminator is not here . b.s. A.I advancement plus this. Its over already

  4. ఎవరు రియల్లీ గ్రేట్ యువర్ గాడ్ హాండ్స్ అప్ యువర్ బ్రిలియంట్

  5. #Food&Energy=BestRobot

    Human most important needs is food…..the best robot should be in the farm planting and harvesting and breeding animals….and also in the sea getting the fish for humans………..and the best robots should also be able to find the means to get "Energy" to power all this "batteries"…

  6. Robot is cool especially pet man I'm not scared of robots at all but one thing I dislike about them is that they move slow if their gonna build a robot it should be moving as how us move those motors are slow asf lol

  7. When will a male A.I. head with open,learning an moveable neck male with a poseable body that can't move hit the public market. The male "doll" bodies are complete an at 160 centimetres an 38 kilograms is what I need. They (the dolls) sell ror roughly $2000 and come with an interchangeable head. I'm disabled an wheelchair 20 years and i would love this to come out on the consumer market as id love a companion to talk to so I don't feel trapped at home. [email protected]

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