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Hi, I’m Emma! I am a professional trader!

You are on my YouTube channel, here I show my trading and tell you how to make money on binary options in 2021

In this video I briefly explained my strategy with support and resistance lines, as you asked! I would appreciate your support in the comments!

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  1. Just a reminder, the only way to get in touch with me is via my telegram:


    I do not manage accounts or accept investments!

    My private channel is free! To join it – message me on my telegram!

  2. really mam you are the Professional Trader…i get very motivate from you..thanks..can you ad me your telegram channel

  3. good evening I want to ask you a question can I use my bank account statement to verify my Quotex account ??

  4. Sounds like someone selling a product and working for Quotex, i still have some doubts. I will try binary and see for myself.

  5. believe it or not,ive watched all your videos.keep posting new videos pleassee include the explanation of opening position. thanks Emma!

  6. iiiOMG !!! I can't thank you enough you are a definition of genius tire I am delighted to be working with you

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  14. These days I trade with your voice in my head and I'm improving. Just need to have your guts to bet as big as you

  15. It’s clearly that you are very professional. I am amazed at your skills and hope to be as good one day. Do you ever trade the OTC with the same strategy?

  16. Please Make a dedicated video on how to salect a support and resistance like you do in your videos

  17. This does not happen in real life, no one can win more than ten times without losing, it is impossible, and if not, show it in a live session.

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