963Hz 》YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE 》Manifest Anything You Desire

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How to Manifest Anything You Desire? Law of Attraction.

Universe is you and you are the universe. You are part of this beautiful creation and that Noor – that ray of light is part of all of us. We all are capable to creating and manifesting whatever we want. We are all made up of stars, that starry material, that magic star dust, yes, we are made up of that…. literally. not just you, each one of us, each grain of sand. you are connected to it and it is connected to you. ‘Tohi Mohi, Mohi Tohi Antar Kaisa’ – this verse from gurbani, says it all. “You are in Me and I Am in You.. that whats the difference between you and me”

You are God and God is in You – There is no difference, and when we meditate on this, when we start to feel that connection with universe, with everyone and every thing around us, then something magically changes inside of us. When we realize that we could have been a flower or a grain of sand, instead of a human being, something changes. Its all connected.

And once we grasp that part, we can understand how to manifest what we desire.

But we need to learn to distinguish between

– those little chemical reactions inside of us – which are induced because of something we saw on TV or someone else has it – enticing us to go after that something,

or its a desire – inner desire of the soul, its restless because you are not working towards achieving your higher self.

Something that can help – is to look for that restless-ness, that uneasiness when everything in your life is comfortable. Thats your soul speaking. It does not understand man-made concepts of money, and cars, and mutual funds. Its an energy,. our soul is an energy.. it wants to be free .. our soul wants to experience life… and anything that makes it feel alive .. is what the universe has planned to manifest through you. More you delay it, more restless you will feel. So ask yourself what makes you feel alive?? and just do it everyday.. feel your soul sing.. And thats what you are attracted to and that thing is attracted to you too.. There is no expectation of end result then, you soul is already free… its not longing for the end result…

Hope this has helped. Hopefully this 963Hz Solfeggio Frequency based music will help you and meditating along with it will bring you closer to your inner universe.

Many Blessings and Peace all the Way.
Smile ~ Laugh ~ Chant ~ Sing ~ Become one with the universe!!

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34 comentários em “963Hz 》YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE 》Manifest Anything You Desire

  1. I manifest this:

    We will be together again, just even more stronger.

    We will be healed from the past fights.

    We will communicate more.

    We will live together forever.

    We will love each other, more than ever.

    We healed, we are ready.

    I love you.

  2. We will have our dreams come true
    We will have a good health
    We attract blessings
    We attract love
    We attract abundance
    Our desires will come true…

  3. I'm currently in 10th grade….also I'm working really hard … I want to be a doctor!!
    I'm manifesting to be successful in medical field as a doctor and make my parents proud ❤️❤️

  4. Him. Peace. Job stability and growth. My friends back plus new ones. Finding myself. My own place. The wealth I need to love forward. More strength. Dealing with the loneliness. Clarity. Blessings. Fun. Joy.

  5. I am a queen .When i believed in myself I manifested everything i want.i manifested everything i want i am so grateful having my own business thriving money comes to me from everywhere i manifested 15 thousand euros to get my started now i am thriving and always winning i live in a beautiful house with a pool in Bali with my man we are now traveling the world doing everything we have on our bucket list and speaking to millions of people i am so grateful that god and the universe is by my side always. Everything in my life is great. My bank account keeps going up 1M 2M 3M 4M and up it keeps going. Thank you Thank you Thank you wuhhhhuuuuuu life is great you got the power within you to make it work too 🙂 peace and love to All keep grinding and winning

  6. I am so happy to be in a healthy friendshp with her.
    I am so happy we could reconnect.

  7. Woke up at 3 AM. Decided to meditate to this. Just what I needed. Takes you to another place..

  8. Hey, I am willing to connect with a spirit from any part of this earth and meditate along and share the experience. Right now meditating from the South Island of New Zealand. Passing Love and Peace to all of you!

  9. Thank you universe for all the good you are sending my way. My mothers candle business is doing amazing she is making lots of money. My YouTube channel is going great. I also have a new job working more than 10 dollars an hour. Im truly thankful, i have all my desires.

  10. i am so grateful for my life,friends an family.i have 98 percent marks in my exams everyone loves me my skin is clear and i am calm and confident i am so grateful for my eyes as they let me see whatever i want without glasses i am so grateful to my subconcious mind as now i have manifested my dream life and everyone around me loves me i am so grateful to my brain as it lets me study and helps me be on top of all my classes.i am a divine goddess and i embrace my true self

  11. I am living my dream life in Liverpool thankyou I am abundant I am rich I am happy I am amazing I am engeged I love you universe xxx

  12. I've been falling to sleep to this for a week straight now and I want to know where my effing Lamborghini is!?!?!?

  13. I manifest Health for all childrens in the world also that what i want and will wanna. Hi and bye you reading this.

  14. I closed my eyes and the universe told me: I’m on your side. The earth, the moon , all of my stars ,the space, energy that you feel , the dark energy And everything. Trust me and you will find me trustworthy. I made you concious and I’m aware of your needs. I listen to your pure heart and I’m going to bless you with more than you can imagine. You are not separate but a part of me.

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  16. I am healed from all trauma
    I have great mental health
    I am happy
    I am attractive
    I attract love into my life
    Anything I want, I manifest effortlessly
    I am beautiful
    I am worthy of good things
    I am free from feelings of guilt
    I am free from limits
    I already have everything I need and want
    I am perfectly physically and mentally healthy.
    I am healed from relationship trauma
    I want relationships again
    My heart is whole.
    I am free from trust and intimacy issues
    I radiate love and that love is reflected back to me
    I am grateful for everything in my life
    I am grateful for everything coming into my life
    Thank you universe

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  18. I manifest loving friends that match my personality. I manifest financial freedom. I am free and loved.

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