#85 Whole House Standby Generator Protecting the Homestead – Generac 7043-2

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We had a local company install our new generac generator (Alternative Power) and we are super excited to be protected from power outages. This has been an incredible peace of mind for us living out in rural North Carolina. I highly recommend a standby generator if you live in a rural location.

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35 comentários em “#85 Whole House Standby Generator Protecting the Homestead – Generac 7043-2

  1. Great info here, as I am truly considering getting one for my house. Do you mind telling roughly how much would somebody need to installed? A complete installation with permits and everything.? It would definitely get me ready minded NOT discourage . Thank you for your content.

  2. Good video but what are the A/C boxes at 22 minutes ? What size Generator was that ? How many KW?

  3. The Generac fellow must be recently out of the military and fairly young. Still nervous about his abilities. He is likely really good at what he does. Mouth can't keep up with his brain.

  4. Finally got my Generac running. Continually failed during exercise cycle. Showed a check fuel message. Final answer was it was set up for cold weather area. I'm in Texas. Has been good now for two cycles.

  5. The young tech giving the tutorial on that day must have been on Speed. Slow down Buckaroo!!

  6. Ya tengo instalado las líneas d Gas Natural y estoy instalando el water heater, pero necesito un generador igual q ese antes d q empiece la temporada d huracanes ( vivo en miami spring ) fl 33166

  7. Buenas noches , solo hablo español y muy poquito inglés aunque mi esposa le
    Fluye más , necesito esa misma instalación en mi casa como puedo comunicarme con ustedes para un estimado ?

  8. Generac = bottom shelf. Cummings = Top shelf. Then there is all the others in between.

  9. with the cover on, do you ever get noise complaints from neighbors? not sure how close you are to other houses but was just wondering.

  10. This kid talks like me, he talks way too much and is far too honest. Worst sales person ever.

  11. Your generator can run more with less affort if you install a soft start on your ac units. They will start up with a lot less power and make your ac units last longer.

  12. I love this model but noise is a concern for me so I might get a Champion with less wattage but 10 yr warranty and way more quiet.

  13. Cool! Sadly, these run at $13 000 with installation….But I guess if one lives in the country that might be justified.

  14. If you do your own maintenance it will nullify the warranty he did not tell you that if you do any work on the generator it says in their owners manual it will nullify all warranties

  15. These generators actually run from 11 to 14 minutes each week. 5 minutes the technician cannot set the timing it is set into the CMA computer module assembly for 11 to 14 minutes. The only thing he can control is the time that the generator runs not for how long only the larger four and six-cylinder generators can be controlled for how long

  16. Very informative video, thank you. Have you ever run your generator for an extended period of time during an outage? About how many gallons per hour did the generator burn please?

  17. Here's the big question, what happens when it floods? The convenience is nice, but notice the need for the personal cell phone and all the questions that lady asked about what happens when it breaks. You're still putting your security into another company that may or may not be able to get to you in an emergency. I would much rather have a 10Kwh portable one and have to go get gas. Those vents on the side are only a foot, if that, off the ground. Lot of money to spend for a foot of water to ruin.

  18. Live on Ga coast put in a 22kw Genrac run on propane 330 gallon tank works great. Have it set to run every other Wednesday. Had auto switches installed will switch on and off loads to protect unit. Holy cow 1000 gallons that baby will go a bit.Great set up.

  19. It’s incredible how smart these generators are. Every home should come equipped with an emergency generator

  20. Sure could of used one of these this past week. I’m in north Texas and we were without power for 63 hours! Gonna have one by next winter. Just waiting on a sale.

  21. Husband: I could do the maintenance every year.
    Wife: we will have generac do the maintenance.

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