8 Best Portable Power Stations (Buying Guide 2021)

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Portable power stations are like having an electrical outlet in a box. Power is stored in a giant rechargeable lithium battery inside the unit, and these power packs are equipped with AC outlets, DC outlets, and USB charging ports to power a variety of devices including phones, laptops, televisions, and even AC appliances like a refrigerator.

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Jackery 240
Goal Zero Yeti 1000
SUAOKI Power Station
Westinghouse iGen160S
EcoFlow River
Aeiusny 400W

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Portable Power Stations can be charged with any standard wall outlet or your car’s 12 volt outlet, but can also be paired with solar panels to create a solar generator that’s charged by the power of the sun. Their versatility and convenience makes these power generators great to have as an emergency home battery backup, useful for camping and outdoor activities, and a great addition to RV’s, vans, and even boats. A gas free generator, these lithium power stations make a great emergency power supply for backup power.

The Power Stations we’ll be featuring are classified by Watt Hours.

We’ll be highlighting the important features of each Portable Power Station, as well as providing examples of devices they can power. We selected models based on personal testing in 2021, Amazon reviews, and other trustworthy portable power station reviews from around the web, and excluded models of portable power supplies which had any reported major flaws.

Portable power stations are an excellent solution to provide off grid power for many applications. Made for the outdoors, camping, emergency preparedness, backup battery supply, CPAP machines and more they can function as a camping generator, solar generator, backup generator, backup power, and a solar battery.

There are many great options for these portable power generators and we included the Jackery Portable Power Station, and also show the Jackery, Jackery 500, Jackery 240 and Jackery 160.

We showed the Goal Zero Yeti 1000, but also discuss the larger options such as the Goal Zero Yeti 3000. GoalZero also makes other sizes such as the Goal Zero Yeti 400, Goal Zero Yeti 1400, and the lightest Goal Zero Yeti 150. All these goal zero power stations pair great with goal zero solar panels for a portable solar inverter.

The products in the above links are available for UK United Kingdom too.

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  1. Can these be used (while being on charging mode) for supplying steady power to any decent power conditioner connecting Hi End Audio equipments.

  2. Hi. I have an electric scooter that needs 7 an a half hours charge to full. What can you reccomend. Needs to be for a uk normal big plug u use everywhere in a house.

  3. what about the heart of natural disasters and raw land developers? these people using those products arent buying into raw land, developing camp and trail. what if a city family goes on a burrow ride at grande canyon? what if utilities co. cant power a water pump from raw land location? what if your upgraded dyi ebike is always on the go? what if in oklahoma bunker. not too long people were traveling around for vacant shelter, no they werent poor and desperate. if the law of ratios coincide with natural disasters, then the answer is closer to family.

  4. I have a Westinghouse i-gen 300

    It's the best $200 I've ever spent

    I use a DC car jack adaptor i got from res med for $13 to run my cpap it uses less power than the 110v socket .. with no solar panels i get 3 nights of sleep and charge phones laptops ect

    Usually when i get whereI'im going I just put out my solar panel and let it do its thing lol

    I used to use a Schumacher 1200 jump box /power supply and could only get one night out of it … It weighed a ton there was no good way to carry it and you could only charge it with a 110v extention cord … Theres not many power outlets in the woods lol

    I give it five stars

  5. The "music" is horrible and it would be way too much in the foreground even if it was nice!

  6. lookin to go completely off grid.. full time, seeking additional back ups should it be cloudy and not get enough solar power

  7. I want to know the names of the best electric Power Stations that is super light weight. Something that's very powerful. I want to keep my ebike charged as I'm riding so I have a bike rack.The ebike is 500w and the charger says 48v. I want something with a lot of reserved hours, maybe like 50-60 ??

  8. would love to use one of these to power my subwoofer in my car instead of using my car battery

  9. Great video! I am looking for a power station to run a small PA system for street performing. This video was VERY helpful.

  10. I'm looking for a few different sized ones to power my apartment in a power outage. I live in south Texas on the gulf coast. So power outages happen a lot. I have aquariums & pet habitats that depend on electricity for heat & clean living. So they can't go without electricity for more than a few hours. During the summer & spring I don't use the aquarium heaters as my apartment is at 78°f which keeps the aquariums perfect. But this current article front that has us sitting colder than Alaska, is a real threat as I can barely keep my apartment around 70°f.

  11. I want to use one for my Pi-pap sleeping machine. I want one to take on the road. Great post Thanks

  12. I'm searching for a power station that has the capability to be recharged with solar panels that could be placed securely on my van roof, even in the rain while I'm out hiking for the day. I would be using it for van camping in colder weather. I would need to run a heater at night along with a few small items charging.
    Which one would you suggest?

  13. Really not sure what one to get, I may need to get two, one gas and one battery. I have a fridge, lights, and television on one floor, and the sump pump and freezer in the basement. Not sure what to get.

  14. Review should include how to charge this battery station, there are big differences。

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