610H/s Monero / Eletroneum Mining with AMD Ryzen 7 1800X – Cointalk

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Finally got my rig to mine Monero properly, and the result is better than what I expected! AMD’s presentation deck claims 549H/s but with some fine tuning my stock Ryzen 7 1800X did 610H/s (peak) – w00t!

Algorithm used is CryptoNight.

Download Software Here (I’m using Claymore)

Monero (XMR) Mining Pool :
Electroneum (ETN) Mining Pool :

A huge thanks to AMD Ryzen Enthusiasts group! Details below
AMD Ryzen Enthusiasts group :
AMD RE Miners :

goldfries can be reached at
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16 comentários em “610H/s Monero / Eletroneum Mining with AMD Ryzen 7 1800X – Cointalk

  1. Existe uma maneira de todos nós recebermos mais. Caso usem o código 292ABB na app tanto vocês como eu recebem mais 10% e quanto mais pessoas com este código melhor! Vamos usá-lo para conseguir então ganhar mais! Bora lá!

  2. I am using a 1800x and am getting 731HS Cryptonight v7 and 2.7KHs on Cryptonight Light. Did an optimization video and if you follow my steps 1700 should get the same Hs well at least over 700Hs. And that's with Simultaneous MultiThreading still enabled as I game on it too. I don't bother telly people about setting core affinity or running as administrator as the latest xmr stack does that all for you.

  3. Hello. I have a ryzen5 1600 and after following many many guides and forums i still can`t get it to go past 250. I've used XMRIG and STAK. Is there a certain Win10 update that i need or something along those lines? Any help would be great. Thank you.

  4. 610 is SHIT, I can break 700 on my 1700 (see my latest video) and level out around 650-670 while also GPU mining

  5. Why not tick all processor? Would that give better performance?
    I've not tried it, so i dont know what happen

  6. I tried this but I'm getting the same results on Claymore. I tried rebooting and and running as admin. No improvements. Any thoughts?

  7. 2010H/s with my Ryzen 1950X & Strix GTX 1070Ti combo while PC has light use or not being used. CPU OC 4.0gh draws 102 watts air cooled sits on 47C. GPU stock settings @50% fan speed sits on 37C. 1395/615 H/s cpu/gpu ratio using Wolf miner (AMD/CPU).

    At idle the cpu drops to 2.2gh draws around 30 watts so an additional 70 watts cpu requires to mine 1395 H/s

  8. hey whats the minimum motherboard i need to use one of these because i really want to get one but i have a

    760GM-P23(FX) (MS-7641)

  9. Will it be a good option if I install a Ryzen 7 1800x in SFF mini ITX case like the Fractal Design Node 202 along with a RX Vega 56, for mining monero. I was planning to build a mini ITX setup for gaming, with which I will mine XMR in the spare time. Given that the case has cooling/liquid cooling limitations which chokes the overclocking possibility as well. What are your thoughts?

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