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6 Best Platforms to Trade FOREX | Trading Software UK

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In this video, I share 6 of the best platforms to trade Forex. This includes 6 different trading software that I use, from the UK to trade Forex that are affordable and useful!

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As a beginner trader, I have been in the world of trading the stock market for only a few years and I love it. Previously a Warrior Trading student, I carried out the Pro class with Warrior Trading, and I focused on learning to day trade penny stocks, aka small caps stocks.

Since then, my trading journey has led me to trading Forex where I continue to learn and develop as a profitable Forex trader.

This video has been inspired by subscribers asking after the software that I use to trade Forex…

I personally use these 6 platforms to trade Forex because they are awesome and totally affordable, especially for beginner traders.


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This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. I am not a financial advisor and I am not telling you where or when to take a trade. I express my personal opinion only. Trading financial markets involves risk. I am not responsible for any losses incurred due to your trading. I do not recommend any specific trade or action, and any trades you decide to take are your own.

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  1. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  2. Mrs Alice is legit and her method works like magic I keep earning every single week with her new strategy

  3. forex trading controls the huge part of my passive income flow, i invest big and profits even bigger courtesy of my broker Mrs Loice Martha her trading strategies are awesome

  4. Im unable to link my oanda demo to my mt4. when I link it, the red trade option button is unavailable and i even funded the sub-account demo

  5. It’s worth it and group chat is amazing so many team members helping each other I think you will love it

  6. Could anyone tell me if his cause truly worth it as I’ve watched loads of video and still seems to make money

  7. Great list. Been using MT4 with fxview. One of the easiest trading platform to exist.

  8. Nice one..These are great platforms one could rely on.. they are of great standards with BFX.. although it's a US based platform

  9. I have tradeview on my laptop I was looking for uk broke I could use on there if there's any . Do have any recommendations?

  10. Hi! very good content! I was wandering if u operate directly from tradingview or if u just use it for back testing and paper trading

  11. Good video, yea i trustworthy broker would be good – IG have some fake T&Cs and this Caribbean broker activated stops loss

  12. really enjoying your channel, nice to finally see a trader giving it real, warts and all! Thank you

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  15. Thanks for the advice and explanations. I did notice that you had a trade running on MT4 without a stoploss set. Was that a live account? Anyway, thanks again.

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