$563 Profit 1st day as Funded Trader! FTMO Funded Trader using EA with a 9-5!

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I am a FTMO Funded Trader with a 9-5. This is a hobby and passion. I use various trading tools including an awesome MT4 EA bot.


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29 comentários em “$563 Profit 1st day as Funded Trader! FTMO Funded Trader using EA with a 9-5!

  1. So…..you passed FTMO with an EA…..however you do not offer a single link to this EA anywhere. Is it available?

  2. hi,what happen with your FTMO account did they paid you, Im asking because now im in the verification stage so Im little bit concern please replay ,thanks

  3. Hey Tom, people have been inquiring about the EA you used for the FTMO challenge for 2 months. Without replying to your audience who are looking for a major breakthrough during this crisis, I will take it that you are teasing us/show boating. There's enough wealth to go around bro, please share some insight.

  4. Hi it been some time ago seen we heard from you and i think it is time for a new video about your ftmo trading but also more info please can you do a video about you strategy in deepth please ? Thank You looking forward to new videos 🙂

  5. Good Leaders lead by pushing others from behind. Bad leaders lead by walking in front of others without helping those who are at the back and about to fall, and WILL CERTAINLY sabotage good leaders steps. I just found this channel today, and I instantly love what Tommy is saying. God Bless You!

  6. What people fail to realize is that risk is not based off a lot size LOL, you need to know how many pips your stop loss will be to then divide it by the risk amount to get a lot size. That is the proper way in doing so.

  7. Can u elaborate the technicals and the risk management behind ur trades. R u placing trades on 1 minute chart?

  8. Bro just a suggestion you should start a forex signal service. Let me know where and when to sign up?

  9. You have no idea how much I strive to be like you. I have been in fx for years and still not consistent… Hope I can learn something from you. Subscribed

  10. Would you be interested in helping me pass my challenge i have a 100k challenge and im down 98k i have untill 11th of june to pass

  11. Hey dude can i connect with you over telegram theres some stuff i want to share with you regarding my ftmo challenge and just some quick questions if your okay with that?

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