$50 Solar Power Pack – Preview

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32 comentários em “$50 Solar Power Pack – Preview

  1. Thank you ! That was one of the best solar system presentation and explanation so far on You Tube.
    My friend Albert Einstein once said: " If you can explain something to a 5-year old, you have mastered that knowledge"

  2. do u have a video of that stand u built i have that same panel n the kit from habor freight but there frame has since molded to a new shape with sun heat so i need a new frame and my pannels are sold n a kit with 3 thw 45 watt system

  3. yeah where the next video ? I just purchased the same box and curious how your gonna finish it off ?

  4. 3 years later …. lol.. Ive just bought one of these bison box's and i need to do the same, But i want it fully gadgetize – want to use phone to switch things on, so when fishing i can hit the phone for led lights to come on, Also need bluetooth for the music etc couple of 18v 20w panels hooked into it and i be right for the week. 🙂

  5. Unable to find the second video. Im very interested. Im in the process of setting up my minivan for camping.

  6. I bought an "APC" 1500VA UPS (875 watt) and want to get a solar panel to keep it charged. The online input voltage range is 88 Vac to 139 Vac. Will I be able to hook the output from the solar panel directly into the input of this UPS without having to 'add' anything else? If so, what else? Thank you for your professional advice.

  7. Ignorant Question. Can the battery in the $50 box be replaced with a car battery?

  8. Nice (p)review – also thanks for going over the charge controllers. The steca solsum is now on my 'to buy' list.

  9. Got all my supplies — thanks for the inspiration to get my feet wet in solar– will test out this weekend camping

  10. Just ordered this based on your review — I'll use my trickle charger to keep it powered up before I make my decision on the solar panel

  11. Thanks a ton — I've been researching the Schumacher portable battery that you suggested — that was my first consideration prior to that trolling motor — do u know if the Schumacher can be recharged via solar panels also — if so could I use the same setup u suggested w the solar panels

  12. What's the cheapest controller you recommend for charging this battery — I'm wanting to follow your setup — and solar panels for camping or shtf type stuff to minimize size– sorry I'm a newbie to this stuff– looked at your Amazon website and didn't see alternative prices and sizes

  13. Great vid and ideas! Looking forward to part 2. I bought the Schumacher XP2260 18 Amp Hour Portable Jumper Pack from your website for now. But I would like to build this car battery version/solar/110 volt chargable. Thanks!

  14. Sorry for the ignorant question but could you just hook up a solar panel directly to battery to charge it

  15. What is the name of the updated video of the Minnkota battery case.  Also wanted to know if they make them for 2  6 volt golf cart batteries.

  16. The Minnkota battery cases are great. I have three and use them all in parallel (connected with 2 gauge jumpers) with my home backup power and I take one out when I need it for trolling. The cases make moving the batteries around MUCH easier and they eliminate the possibility of direct shorting the battery posts by accident. Cigarette lighter sockets are great too. That test light is actually very handy when you are depending on the battery reserve power remaining to get you back to shore! They are also handy to show how your charge is coming along if you don't have a digi readout on your charge controller.

  17. So load terminal should not be plugged direct into inverter, I gather.???? Would that burn it out, running AC?

  18. i am glad i found this video. I originally want a solar power option to charge my batteries. 

  19. Part 2 of the video is coming up. Gonna be a big one.
    Will show it running a laptop, tablet computers, a big fan…all kinds of stuff.
    It's a win for car camping. Just pack a battery charger like the one at my Amazon store.
    You can also keep it charged in the house for when the power goes out.
    Charge cell phones for days.

  20. Not sure how I found this video but got me thinking. What is something like this good for? Can I use it for car camping maybe run my laptop longer or even a electric blanket? I would not do the solar side of it but having power for car camping could be useful for me.

    Cool video!

  21. Here in New Mexico I think it's 9 cents per kwh. We have full sun but almost nobody uses solar.
    I'm interested in having no power bill at all really. I like having secure power when grid goes down (twice last winter at critical times).
    We can use solar thermal here to heat homes 100% year round.
    I'll eventually show solar thermal in videos next year.

  22. I'm sure you could do it. Call the solar panel an "awning" and mount it that way.
    Use a AA NiMH battery charger to charge batteries for a 200 lumen+ LED lantern.
    Or use LED flat flexible strip lights. There are many kinds. Go to leds.de (Lumitronix).
    See the Nichia Power Bar led strip. Low power and high brightness.

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