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5 Steps For Creating An Algorithmic Trading Bot

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Amplify Trading’s Technology Analyst Milandeep Bassi, explains the steps to create an algorithmic trading bot, using existing platforms or creating your own.

– Create an Environment for your Algo (01:05)
– Research and Understanding your strategy (2:29)
– Convert your strategy into pseudo-code (04:24)
– Combine the Strategy and Platform (06:44)
– Connecting to a Paper / Live Trading Account (08:51)
– Amplify Algorithmic Trading Simulation (11:55)

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10 Comentários

  1. Hey everyone! Thank you for watching the new video in my new series!

    I hope these 5 steps have provided some clarity to the process of creating an Algorithmic trading bot. As usual if you ever need
    help with anything please do feel to reach out!

  2. I'll love to know the type of camera you used to shoot this video. It's crisp clean and the lighting is perfect!

  3. You didn't mention cTrader or Metatrader. With the latter and EAbuilder.com and Myfxbook I can compress the time scale for this process to one day. Time is money. And yes, the algos are used live and make money every day.

  4. Good stuff. I saw that there were trading bot accounts for sale but these accounts had far too few features and not enough control so I made my own. A few months later and now I have my own passive income stream that only grows bigger by the day!

  5. Great video. I think I've identified more steps than five. I've broken them down into 11 steps. But this video groups them to simplify. Good work.

  6. Amazing video Milan! Really informative. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  7. Algorithmic Trading process is not about developing a platform from scratch. The main goal is to exploit market inefficiency and build a bot the can trade it. As a algo trader you focus on the strategies not the infrastructure. Reading papers and implement them. Building infrastructure is a job for developer and not algo trader.

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