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Today I am going to discuss 4 reasons why Bitcoin is falling and why you should not panic due to the dip.

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Bitcoin Update
2:27 Alon Effect
5:52 Wyckoff Pattern
9:48 Tech Stock Sell Off
13:38 Options Expirations
18:34 200 EMA Daily
20:22 Charles Hoskinson
21:54 Vitalik Buterin
23:25 Solana
24:40 Q&A

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30 Comentários

  1. Woke up this morning and btc was 45 000, can you do a quick part in one of your videos where you show where/how you find your max pain price? Edit: Nm I figured it out.

  2. Lesson of the day : Follow SpaceX but not Elon and his crypto tweets

  3. It's not Elon, it's the stupid whales that follow his tweets.

  4. The beauty of TA is that price action is based on the ticker, not the news stream. You need to trade the market, not the noise.

  5. I think some big guys don't want blockchain on the stock market and are trying to push it down.

  6. BTC will rise to close to 100k, but only after having dropped to the high 20s and low 30s. Why? Because its doing the Wickoff event.

  7. i still like Elon for doing what he is doing for humanity, crypto no, but humanity, yes.

  8. I don’t think Elon realizes he is digging bigger holes for himself everytime he tweets on crypto.

  9. Thanks, George. By the way, what does "George" really mean when you say "We're all George"? Haha.

  10. All of these options calls and the "MAX PAIN" prices CONTINUALLY ALIGNING TO LIQUIDATE PEOPLE for SO MANY WEEKS IN A ROW is SUPER, SUPER SUS!!!

  11. Im fresh to the channel but George handeld the vacuum like a pro. Admit who couldnt hold its laught at the chat?

    EDIT: I remember now i got a vacuum with the same name >.<

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