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Saiba mais clicando em Robô IQ OPTION de AUTOMATIZAÇÃO de Lista de SINAIS
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In this video I go over the best exchange to save on trading fees, how to compound your trading bot profits and using Smart Trade on 3Commas! *IMPORTANT* Please watch ALL trading bot videos I have up before doing anything so you get the most information possible to help you have an easier start!

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  1. I STRONGLY suggest watching every video in this series before getting started! As the series continues more questions will be answered and features shared so please watch all of the videos in the module before you start yourself. I want everyone to be as informed as they possibly can before risking ANY funds doing this!

  2. what happens to the bots when the price begin to dip significantly? do you pause the bot or just let it keep running until the coins recover?

  3. how do you use the bnb tokings to pay for your trading fees . does that happened automatically just because you are holding bnb tokings on binance ?

  4. thank you so much for the video tutorials, lots of info, however i have one question regarding staking….APR, does that mean per year? like actual year? 10% is not much if thats the case then, right?

  5. So with choosing the platform, rhe 0.020% definetly maker fee of FTX definetly beats the 0.075% maker fee of binance right?

    I already have a binance account so then I will sign up with FTX?

  6. Very nice info to use FTX specially if you are a beginner with small amount.

  7. I think I speak in the name of the whole community that follows your videos (yes you've created a community!) when I say thank you for your altruistic effort you've put into making these videos! Knowledge is the greatest liberation, and you my sir are spreading it for everyone to see!

    p.s. again, I think that I'm talking in the name of everyone here, we* would be very grateful if you'll be able to make a separate video on compound staking on PancakeSwap and how may one synchronize it with Binance acc and ofc the trading bots!

  8. Do you have a referral code for 3Commas, not just the link. I didn’t use the link before I started my 3 day trial period and I can still add a referral code but it’s a number sequence not found using the link. I want to make sure you get credit and kickback when I subscribe. Thank you.

  9. Which exchange do you recommend for NY residents? We are blocked from binance US and FTX US

  10. Loving this series and putting the knowledge your sharing to work. Looking into FTX now too!

  11. i dont see FTX US under the linkable exchanges. Will it work if I set it to just use the FTX exchange when putting in my API? Thanks.

  12. Not going to lie, I love the fact that each video in the series has less views. One thing I've learned on this venture into crypto is that nobody wants to put in the work needed to be truly successful.

  13. Hallo my friend. I need your referral code for 3Commas as I click on the link on your description and it did not come out. As I am new on 3Commas I'll really would like to give my help on your channel.

  14. love the video's! How do you reset the profit indicator to 0? After making a few deposits it is showing that as a profit, when its not?

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