3 Day RV Boondock Running AC With Solar Generator

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We took our RV that we converted to run 100% off of solar power and boondocked up in the Idaho mountains.

We never went below 80% using this solar generator and 2,100w of solar panels. This is a powerhouse!

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15 comentários em “3 Day RV Boondock Running AC With Solar Generator

  1. Great Stuff Ben!! Super Happy for you and your great family!!! I am still LOVING my Titan with the four batteries and 1308 watts of Solar panels that I have feeding in two sets of 654 watts…

  2. Always great content and info with a great vibe. Many of us are still hibernating because of Covid, like myself here in NY. Thank you, MM, love the scenery! Oh, was that you up on that mountain/rocks, you CRaZy…! 🙂

  3. Great video. My Titan should be arriving any day. We will keep our panels mobile as we prefer camping in the shade if available.

  4. The biggest draw I have is the AC 1500 W or the Hot water heater 1500W. Still, my Titan is doing fine, but I would like a 3rd or even a 4th battery due to I only have 1200W Solar on top of my Promaster van and on Days that are not sunny, could be a issue.

  5. I have a Titan 1500 (Titan + 2 batteries) . I haven't got the courage to drill holes in my roof, so I just take my normal 50amp cord from the rear RV plug & run it under the 5ver to the front storage bay where the Titan resides & dog bone it to 30 amps and plug that into the Titan. Runs everything in the RV just fine. To charge, I just built your solar panel stand with 5 panels & tested it this weekend; it worked very well. It's not as simple as permanently mounted panels, but for now, it's better than my gas generator & my wife appreciates not smelling or hearing that. For now we have to be prudent with using energy as 5 panels won't keep up watt for watt. But, we'll probably be out and about most of the day so the panels will hopefully charge the Titan to 100%. Look forward to real world usage. Thanks for all the Titan videos… it has made the difference.

  6. Can you help a very Beginner to do a Solar system for home in MD Only have a limited budget but one got to start somewhere and I am afraid I am running out of time to come up to speed on the subject?

  7. Would a slow start unit help? About $225 but I hear good things. I would be very happy to run my RV air…. this has been the “sound barrier” of dry camping. Great job!

  8. So I can overpanel and plug the panels straight into Titan? What configuration for 3000w panels 5s3p?

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