2015 Cummins Home Standby Generator IS IT DEAD ALREADY? Pt. 1/2

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Lets take a look at this 20 KW Cummins Power Generation home standby generator which was recently replaced under warranty.
Can this thing be dead already? It has less than 50 HRS.

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44 comentários em “2015 Cummins Home Standby Generator IS IT DEAD ALREADY? Pt. 1/2

  1. I had bought a dishwasher and one day it wasn't starting the cycle. The service technician didn't even know what was wrong and said it was the logic board. But they didn't follow it up and they said they'd refund the money after waiting for almost 2 years and filing a complaint. I didn't touch it during the period to not void warranty. Later, I took a look inside and turned out it was a tiny reed switch for the flow sensor that wasn't making contact. By this time the tub had pitted with rust from the salt and moisture.

  2. Wow, cheap assembly. Old school generators had either slots in the slip rings, or tabs on the slip rings where the winding was soldered to the ring. Never saw press fittings for winding before in plastic. Wow, those are a dis-similar metal junction just waiting for moisture to get some galvanic corrosion going after the warranty period.

  3. What generator companies need to do is make units serviceable instead of replacing the whole unit fix it free save money since a unit has low hours wam bam done

  4. Having been a product manager for a manufacturer of portable generators that made their own genheads, I would bet money that the "stab" connections from the slip rings to the alternator windings were the result of a cost reduction. I can't tell you the number of stupid changes to good designs that have been proposed in the name of "continuous improvement" programs by overzealous process engineers and/or greedy "supply chain" managers. I have seen major corporations cost reduce themselves into oblivion. Customers eventually bail on good products that are turned into junk by such rediculous decisions.

  5. Is this another Chinese fail? or is Cummins to blame? For the short run duration of a backup generator it's sad it blew up up so soon. What is even sadder is the fact the unit didn't even last 5 years. Sadder still is the fact the owner had to have an extra cost warranty or they would have a very large and heavy paper weight. No wonder people don't buy standbuy generators.

  6. I'm debating between a Generac and a Cummins. Shocking to see a cheap connection to the windings on the Cummins.

  7. Isn't this the way it usually goes? All that work and headache for one freaking tiny wire. Makes me think that the company knew of the issue but didn't want to make a major recall.

  8. The nippy zoology biomechanically open because ikebana distinctively pop on a awesome sale. coordinated, cooperative dust

  9. The first thing I noticed that when you were tapping the rear end bell off white dust was dropping out, I would not expect to see white dust maybe carbon dust if the unit had many hours on it. Wow, great diagnosis and find for an intermittent problem! A very primitive connection method for such an important connection looks Chianeezim. I like your repair, put but some epoxy on the pins and #14 wire to keep the wire tight to the rotor. Oh, one more thing, invest in a Milwaukee 3/8" drive battery-powered impact driver and retire the old-school ratchet but keep it because you still may need it once in a while. Thanks, I enjoyed it!

  10. I can't believe they didn't put a screen around the stator vents,,,that's foolish

  11. My 88 military surplus diesel generation has no electronics and I'm glad,,it was built for the military so it's built to last,,had only 80 hours of use..

  12. That generator just looks like trouble,, l bought a military surplus diesel generation,,,it's a beast ,, 20,000 generator for 300 bucks,,150 amp beast,,,

  13. Through years of experience with American designed and manufactured equipment, that its very helpful to apply a hammer to it for ten to twenty times, after which you throw it away and buy a Honda. Briggs and Stratton engines have suffered greatly under my 10 pound hammer.

  14. We have a 20 K Cummins standby, installed new a month ago. Problem is it will not exercise with a preset. We can manually tell it to exercise which it does, but when the exercise cycle is set for the next morning, nothing.
    We've been told it won't exercise but once weekly when set on "weekly", therefore we must wait a week to see if it is set properly.
    Is this info correct? If so can it be reset by totally turning off and starting over?

  15. Generator was designed to fail. The engine is made by Cummins but I’ll bet they buy the generator from another company. When I was an electrician in the Navy, if we found this we would send it back to the manufacturer to do it again!

  16. yike and i was just about to order a cummings standby thinking it was better then generac…….

  17. Wow and nice find. These things should be bullet proof. Someone at the design computer didn't think this one out and on top of that Cummins should have found the issue and recalled or had a bulletin on this issue. These units are there to work when you need them most and not fail. With your find Cummins should have a lifetime repair on this part. Part no longer available after 5 years make zero sense.

  18. wishing U loads of luck here, volts and amperes too. 20KW set-up costing loads of cash and THIS
    is the so-called quality ?. the beginning and ending of coils is quite often known as A1 and AA1
    F1 and FF1 this is important in motors, say traction motors for locomotives. wire is known as
    'magnet wire' and is sold in lbs and the amount of wire on an armature or field is in fractions of
    a pound, so a rotating field as this could call for 20 ounces of 18 gage which would = X amount of
    feet for that gage wire, But 20 ounces of 20 gage wire might not fit. as it would take more footage
    to = 20 ounces. , not a pro by any means, however I did rewind a stator for a 91 Harley sportster
    as the stator would not keep battery charged and rectifier,regul8or were good.

  19. 40 hours and dead. Man oh man. My MQ power machines are all around 18,000 to 26,000 hours and still trucking.

  20. I had just recommended the Cummins quiet generator to my son. This video showed up the next day. Now i will look for a cummins generator not working,

  21. Great job on finding the problem. I learned a lot from your video. Thanks for making it.

  22. Dr Small Engine Mechanic performs neuro-surgury on Cummins gen set. Will he save the patient? Check out part 2. Good luck Doctor !!!

  23. Cummins should be looking for a better generator manufacture. It's making them look bad. That's Chinese made.

  24. Stator winding discoloration is not a good sign. A possible "short" in the windings.

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