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2 BEST Forex Trading TIMES that can make you BIG PROFIT as a Day Trader – Forex Day Trading

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What is the Best Time to Trade Forex Market? What are the Best Forex Trading Hours that can make money as a Day Trader?
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What is the best time to trade the forex market? Unlike stocks that are only open for trading for few hours, Forex market is open 24hrs a day, but not really. Forex market is open from 5 pm EST on Sunday to 5 pm EST on Friday, but not every trading hour in this time period are worth trading. There are times where Forex Market is more active, this is where you can get a very good reward to risk ratio, and there are times where Forex Markets are simply not worth trading.

Let me explain.

In Sydney Australia, the Forex market officially opens at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time and closes at 2 am EST. You can sometimes see some good price movements when this session opens, but most of the time, the price action is not that good compared to other sessions we are going to see.

In Tokyo Japan, session begins at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time and ends at 4 am EST. This is where Forex pairs like USD JPY and GBP JPY give a good price movement.

Then there is the London session that starts at 3 am Eastern Standard Time and ends at 12 pm EST, and is one of the preferred sessions by technical traders. London session is the most active forex session, and is also called the central trading capital of the world.

Just like the London session, the New York which opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm, also gives some great opportunities for traders. In fact, it is the second largest platform in the world. In this session. you can find some really good trading opportunities on the Forex pairs that involve the US dollar.

But why am I talking about these Forex sessions? Why are they so important?

Well, you see, for price to make big move in your favor and to increase your profit potential in trading, the Institutional money has to be involved. When these session open, their respective banks also show interest. For example, in the London Session, the Britain’s central Bank has a heavy impact on the Forex Market.

Now one can say, that the best time to trade forex, is when the London session or the New York session is open because they have relatively good price movement. But if you look at the opening and closing timings of these sessions, you will notice that there is a overlap. There are few hours where both London and New York sessions are open. Since both of these sessions have a high trading interest, you can say that the overlap of these sessions is the best time to trade.

Lets see an example. On this chart, you can see how the market is in a range and the volume is low in the Japan and Sydney Sessions. But when the London session starts, you can spot the increase in volume. Even the price movement is a lot better than the previous session. When the New York session opens, you can see the volume rising even more. During the overlap of the London and New York sessions, you can see how price made a very big move. And if you compare this movement with the Asian Session movement, you can easily tell that the price action during the overlap is much better, and give some of the best trading opportunities.

But how can you actually use this information to enter trades? Obviously, not everyone is going to find the London and US overlap time suitable for trading, because everyone most likely lives in different corner of the world. If you can’t trade during the US and London overlap, which is from 8 am Eastern Standard Time to 12 pm EST, you can trade in the Sydney and Tokyo overlap hours. Most of the time this period is not that volatile compared to US and London, but it still gives some decent trading opportunities. The worst overlap among the 3, is the London and Tokyo overlap. You will rarely see a high volume price action in this period, and because this overlap is only 1 hour long, many traders will not participate.

Thanks for Watching.

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