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17yr kid takes his dads GTR and races a 911 turbo Porsche for $13,000 …

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Gtr full bolt on e85
Porsche bolt on on methanol injection


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  1. Where is the Law Enforcement in all this? And why don't they just rent a track with some of the money they staking, so it becomes legal, safe and more people can compete?

  2. Yall do know he has a team out there with him so he didnt win $13.000 he got to split see what he did when he got the money?he started kicking his team bread.

  3. After seeing this video, we all now know what the kid looks like, where he hangs out, what car he drives, and that he has large sums of money on him. Good luck kiddo, hope you have street smarts and carry a gun.

  4. GTR: full bolt-on E85…..BULLSHIT. GTRs cannot beat Porsche 911 T's out of the hole like that.

  5. The news channels need to take note. This is street racing. Money on the line and no dumbasses doing doughnuts in their mommy and daddys cars. Ha.

  6. Idiot kids in their parent’s cars. Street racing should be an automatic felony.

  7. Of course the GTR won, it's got the same launch or better, and is faster then the Porsche

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