15 Best Solar Generators 2021

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Top 15 Best Solar Generators 2021 ((
Looking for the best solar generator for home or RV or camping on Amazon of 2021? Here are the best Solar Generators with prices, reviews and comparisons. Our best Solar generators for outdoor off grid living or for home power backup or just fun camping are

Introduction 00:00
✅ 1. RENOGY PHOENIX 100 : Portable Power Pack 01:04

✅ 2. RAVPOWER 80 Portable Charger

✅ 3. NOVOO 81 AC Outlet Power Bank

✅ 4. RENOGY Phoenix 200 Portable Solar Generator 03:10

✅ 5. AIMTOM 155 Portable Power Station

✅ 6. JACKERY 160 Portable Power Station Explorer

✅ 7. RENOGY Phoenix 300 Portable Solar Generator 04:59

✅ 8. JACKERY 240 Lithium Battery Portable Solar Generator

✅ 9. BALDR 330 Portable Power Station Portable Solar Generator

✅ 10. WATTFUN 500 Solar Generator 06:59

✅ 11. JACKERY 500 Solar Generator & Lithium Battery Pack

✅ 12. AIMTOM 500 Portable Solar Generator & Lithium Power Pack

✅ 13. BLUETTI 1500 Camping Solar Generator 09:15

✅ 14. YETI 1500X Solar Generator & Lithium Battery Emergency Power Station

✅ 15. JACKERY 1000 Solar Generator & Lithium Battery Power Station

Buying a Solar Generator for a camping trip or for power backup? Perhaps as a power backup solution for your Boat or for that long off grid camping trip. Looking for price and feature information on the Best Solar Generators. We have got all that and more covered.

Some of the footage used in this video is not original content produced by MySolarHome. Portions of stock footage of products were gathered from multiple sources including, manufactures, fellow creators, and various other sources. If something belongs to you, and you want it to be removed, please do not hesitate to contact us at mike @

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  1. 2 CORRECTIONS – AC output power of Jackery 160 is 100 watts and not 330 watts
    AC Output of the Jackery 1000 is 1000 watts and not 500 watts.

  2. The scared tornado ecologically joke because inventory promisingly moor afore a ubiquitous aluminium. frantic, elfin processing

  3. What is best for refrigerator, wells? Include how long for continuous use starting with full power

  4. Please answer this question: What if there is an EMP attack? Asides from knocking out all the power grids, won't it also fry the electronics in all the generators out there (whether a generator is solar or some other type of generator)? Or will an EMP situation only affect power grids?

  5. The solar generator I have isn't one on this video. it's a Nexpow generator. It was 99$ (was 180$ but it was on sale when I got it) and the main reason I got it was because it was the best deal that fit within my budget. It's specs are 2 USB-A that output 5v 3A, a USB-C port that can output a max of 45W (It also acts as an optional charging port other than the AC or solar input), A DC 12v output, and finally, the AC port which can output 120W sustained and 150W peak. Its capacity is 172wh. If you can get this on sale for 99$, i'd say it's the best deal (for under 150$) and it also comes with some accessories.

    Edit: The video was also very informative, I'll show this to one of my friends who is interested in solar generators.

  6. I want to buy a portable power station that will support a CPAP and coffee pot? for my DAD. Need help!!!

  7. You list the top 15 solar generators and the Point Zero Titan is not in your video? It is CLEARLY the market leader, in numerous categories, as well as being the most expensive. It's almost in a category by itself…is that why you don't even mention it?

  8. Great video. U forgot to mention pricing for solar panels and how long tbey take to charge

  9. Great video, super informative. Thanks for your hard work, really help the newbie like me☺

  10. The Jackery 1000 can handle 1000 Watts AC power continuously. Not 500 as you mentioned.
    I take mine camping and I cook with an electric skillet that consumes 1200 Watts and it can handle it very well.

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