#137 Generac Whole House Standby Generator – 1 Year Review

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Hi folks, well, it has been 14 months since we had the Generac 4073-2 Guardian series 22Kw whole house standby generator installed. We recently had the maintenance performed by our installer, Alternative Power, and I review the points that were covered during the maintenance. We did have power outages and I review our thoughts in that regard.

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23 comentários em “#137 Generac Whole House Standby Generator – 1 Year Review

  1. Germans have the luxury of having their entire electrical grid rebuilt after WWII and is mostly buried. Tell him to don't worry…..it is not because they are "superior", just the recipient of lots of money to rebuild after we turned their country into a parking lot….lol. Not an apples to apples comparison.

  2. Louisiana Story: My neighbor installed a Generac. We were hit by "back to back" Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The first night without power his generator stalled. In the morning he found that the air intake was clogged with dead misquotes. He cleaned the intake and she fired back up. So far she hasn't stalled again.

    In my SW Louisiana Parish we have a misquote control program. Airplanes and trucks spray evenings and nights during the warm months to control the pests. After a bad hurricane the planes can't fly if any of the communication towers or lights are damaged so misquotes quickly multiply. This year swarms kill are number of cattle. We love south Louisiana and deal with the suffering and loss hurricanes can cause. The last year has been tough in the Lake Charles area. Two hurricanes, COVID, and record ice storm for us, and now extensive flooding from annual May rains. Some have not made repairs yet from the storms.

    Those who have resources have repaired or are repairing. The forecast is for sun. We have planted a promising rice crop and have had a good Crawfish season. We are 5th generation and not going anywhere. Come visit Louisiana. Eat Crawfish and Louisiana rice. Enjoy the Cajun music and culture. Lassiz le bon ton roulet.

    I'm going to install a house generator as my neighbor did.

  3. How large is your home? I'm hoping I won't need a generator that powerful. TIA! – another ERCOT-vulnerable Texan

  4. Very informative video, thank you. Have you ever run your generator for an extended period of time during an outage? About how many gallons per hour did the generator burn please?


  6. Howdy HP, I ordered a Generac 22 KW from Northern,,,they did not mention about a service contract. Where do I get that? I am with you, it is worth it. Please let me know.
    Many thanks for your video..

  7. I live in upstate western New York. Just had my Generac installed today! Six month wait with, thankfully, no outages.

    Liked your video.

    Waiting for an outage. Heh heh. Is that so wrong?

  8. Europe is so densely populated that almost all of the electrical wires are underground.

    The dependability is wonderful, but over here, we’d balk at the cost.

  9. what does yours run off of propane or natural gas .I wish there was another way besides this ,I know that solar and wind do not work .I would love for someone to come up with alternative power I don't loose power that often .Winter is the worst I live in southside VA and lost power during epic ice storm but before that not very often since 2004 .In NJ I never really lost power and I lived there all my life .But hubby and I just celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary on the feb. 18th in the dark House is is 2×6 stud walls and attic has 6 feet of insulation and floor are insulated but only electric here besides propane .My house is all electric .Most important is heat pump and well and power for freezer and fridge and lights

  10. The Germans are still on the Marshall plan, we pour enough $$$ into the Germans so they can live in a Disneyland like style

  11. What would you estimate the hourly or daily cost would be to run this for extended periods? Thanks

  12. What about flooding? If the water rising to half of the generac generator, will it still work?

  13. I was just telling people about the storm that hit AR in 2000. I was a kid when it hit. I live in Texas now and am dealing with the current storm. In my opinion the storm in 2000 was much worse. I learned the importance of having an alternative heat source. GNRC stock is gonna shoot up I bet!!!

  14. How long your fuel last in the 8-12 hour outages how much propane did you have to refill?