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100% a month bot using Binance futures – altcoin season 2021 – best crypto trading bot 2021

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100% a month bot using Binance futures – altcoin season 2021 – best crypto trading bot 2021

00:00 Let’s build a 100% a month futures DCA bot
00:19 Difference between USDS-M and COIN-M futures
01:03 Picking a futures “compatible” signal
01:28 The “legendary trade” signals – high TP
01:58 Frequent aggressive signal – low TP
02:34 What do we need to do?
03:33 The cipher B + divergences signal
06:51 Dealing with repainting issues
07:28 Study code after removing all unwanted code for the signal
08:27 Adding “market protection” to the signal to reduce bad deals
11:22 Performance of each market cipher signal / with or without market protection
13:55 Backtest results of BUY signal
14:12 Backtest results of SOMNI signal
15:03 Backtest results of buy DIVERGENCE signal
15:18 Backtest results of GOLD buy signal
16:01 Backtest results of BUY signal without built-in RSI check
17:22 Backtest results on other coins
19:07 DCA bot configuration
20:37 The compounding moon shot
21:37 Closing down

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  1. Guys be carful, firstly he never replies to your comments/questions, and what I see time and time again is that he will forward you to his channel to become a premium member and fleece you, before you make a damn dime, you got to give 40 to 60 dollars and you have no trial, be careful, a lot of people making money like this on utube.

  2. Hey Trading Parrot,
    can you explain to me, why my bot is not selling all the coins that it bought for a trade? For Example: It bought 5 ETH but then sells 4,3 ETH or something when it made the desired profit of 1% and i am stuck with that 0,7 ETH still in my Portfolio. The number of the % left in my portfolio from a coin changes from trade to trade. This happens on every trade and i don't really understand it. Can you or somebody explain it to me please?
    You are doing a great work, keep it up!

  3. The best 3Commas content as ALWAYS, nice to see that you are using MC as signal. That was what i was working on to figur out. You are always so on point with everything!
    I really appreciate you content. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for all the guidance! Really looking forward to trying this as a Paetron! Hit the like button as well! Hoping to get the algorithm pumping for the TP family!

  5. Did everything you did except commented out //protection (will figure that out later). I'm getting Syntax error at input 'conditionBuy'. It highlights the Calculate WaveTrend line. What about the inputs for f_wavetrend(src, chlen, malen, tf)? Did you save the same inputs or modify them to wt inputs?

  6. I can't afford VIP but I can afford observer. If you decide to put this at observer tier, let us know. Ill sign up.

  7. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing….BE WISE

  8. Superb video and excellent to see someone putting MC to good use. Thanks for putting the effort into developing that approach and sharing it.

  9. Thanks for your work, but why do you not use the alerts right in the strategy, but have double work with strategy AND study?

  10. I love this video, I am a big futures trading fan, even if i did liquidate twice now. It is part and parcel of the high risk trade i think. So it does take a disciplined trader who takes profit out of the trading account regularly. I can't wait to try this signal out and compare it to my current bot's results.

  11. Hi dude , i have been watching ur vids for a long time and i do enjoy the clearity of ur expression in the vids ..
    İ tried too many differet combinations of bot configuration but almost each time bot is not able to close some of the trades..
    Just gonna ask a favour from u ; is there any chence that u can share the optimum setup of spot dca bot (like what should be the bo so rate ,target profıt , max safety trades count ,price deviation , volume scale and step scale ) if we want bot to close the trades with ease . i am more after continuity of the trades then high rate profits.

    thank u for ur help in advance !!

  12. Another great video, thankyou. Is it possible to extract a working switchover signal from market cypher ? for alternating long and short ? or a successfull TP:SL ? I think what im looking for is a reversal signal.

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