10 Best Portable Lithium-Ion Power Stations!

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10 Portable Lithium Ion Power Stations when the Grid Goes Down.

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30 comentários em “10 Best Portable Lithium-Ion Power Stations!

  1. Why do you use Portable Power Stations? Power During a Hike, Emergency Power during short power outage, or Full Grid Down Preps?

  2. What would be the best power bank for my mom for power outage caused by storm? Just need a light, a fan, and charge her phone. Tia

  3. Great Video Thanks. 2 things that I thought you should mention. 1- don't store your phone and the pocket chargers in the same pocket of your pack the phone will be drained of power! 2- what units can do pass-through charging? Can I charge while in use?

  4. I watched this several times but I can't hear the name of the one that is your favorite..whats the name of it .. im looking to get me one .. thanks

  5. These are all good , but they cost an arm and a leg ,then u have to buy the panels too

  6. I need some advice. These things are expensive and I am on a limited budget (disabled), so basically a one-off deal. I need a power station that can do/have the following.
    (1) Needs to power a laptop for extended periods up to 10-12 hours, running 1 program only (no internet surfing/ not on line)
    (2) Needs to have UK 220/240v output/ UK mains 220/240v mains input for charging
    (3) Needs to be portable (1 hand)
    (4) Solar charging

    The reason is that I am an aircraft nut (tail number spotter). I live in Manchester (UK) and at some point want to travel down to London Heathrow for some spotting on the train. I want to take my laptop as it runs a virtual radar program with a connected ADS-B (Virtual radar receiving box) that powers on my laptops USB port. As I would be sat in a car park, not actually in a car or on a field, I need remote power to keep my laptop running for extended time after the laptop battery is dead, so need to charge laptop battery at the same time and then mains power charge it at night in a hotel room if I go for a weekend or even take it to the top of my local hills for the day, as it is the approach to Manchester (UK) airport to do the same thing running my laptop and virtual radar receiving box, so again a full day remote away from home.

    I am not technical in anyway, so need the advice so I don't waste money. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Question… Is ego releasing a new unit with solar charging or solar charging the existing unit

  8. I know this is a year old but my question is still relevant. Could you use any of theses to recharge an e-bike. Would I have to worry about anything like battery damage.

  9. Inergy discontinued??? Why? Is there somewhere I can get one? Or should I get a different one? Help!

  10. What is the kwh for the EGO with 4 batteries?
    Not very helpful just the peak watt rating.

  11. Is Nitecore NPS600 that bad? Im planning to get one because its the only one available 🙁

  12. Great video. I am glad you have used all of these and tested them in the field. I'm leaning towards buying my own battery and inverter and saving about a thousand dollars.

  13. At 4:47 you mentioned the boss watt solar with 2 power outlets. But I can't find a link for that unit. Please help! Thank you!

  14. I'm searching for a power station that has the capability to be recharged with solar panels that could be placed securely on my van roof, even in the rain while I'm out hiking for the day. I would be using it for van camping in colder weather. I would need to run a heater at night along with a few small items charging.
    Which one would you suggest?

  15. I want to buy a portable power station that will support a CPAP and coffee pot? for my DAD. Need help!!!

  16. I have 2 a Jackery and a Rockpals 300 I am on the the road alot and have small devices to charge add a solar panel and you are in business.

  17. I'm new to the whole portable power station. What would be a slight overkill to power a mobile livestream? I'm talking a laptop with a 175w charger, and a canon AC power adapter all plugged into a power strip? Looking to only power these two possible 3 devices. I was looking into the Anker Powerhouse II 400 but I saw Westinghouse makes a 600Wh for double the price. I trust Anker from my experience with Powerbanks. Thanks in advance.

  18. The EGO is STUPID expensive, especially wheh you consider that EACH battery costs upward of $400! If you're even considering the EGO, then you should also look at the the DeWalt Power Station.

  19. I recently purchased the Jackery 1000, and then I noticed the operating temp recommendations. Can you recommend a power station for winter camping, well below freezing temps?

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