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This strategy was originally developed by Cristian from BLW Online Trading and he has many videos talking about it so make sure to check out his channel :

Next Wave Trading
Lesther also has videos on the 5 minute strategy


3 Moving Averages or MA lines
Blue with a period of 6
Yellow with a period of 14
Red with a period of 26

1 MACD with default settings


Blue line crossing above yellow line : CALL
Confirmation : crossover in the MACD, red line above both blue and yellow

Blue line crossing below yellow line : PUT
Confirmation : crossover in the MACD, red line below both blue and yellow

Make sure to trade with 5 minute candles and 5 minute expiry. Your trades should always expire in multiples of 5.
Example : 10:05, 10:10, 10:15, 10:35, 10:50, 10:55
AVOID : 10:01, 10:13, 10:19, 10:37, 10:42, 10:58

Enter the position at crossover or after if you find a more favorable price.
Avoid trading with too much volatility.


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  1. thank you but if you above the 26 ma its a uptrende…i learn never go against the trade…and under the 26 you tell we should buy position…why?

  2. Hi Isabella,
    Please review Quotex broker if possible as a Non Affiliate Account. Look forward to your videos exposing more scams. Thanks for sharing and God Bless You!!

  3. Hi Isabella really nice set up on this strategy. Thanks. Ever used this on stock trading?

  4. Hey Isabella! I’m the kind of person that never comments but this is amazing. I just make two easy trades using the same method and it works!!

  5. How do you take the trend of the red line. What if the the red line is above the cross but the slope of the red line is going down ?

  6. Thank you so much. I was also confused with how to use this strategy and now I understand. Thanks!

  7. Why do you feel a 5min is better than a 1min? Just curious. Personally I feel 1min gives too many false signals.

  8. when I met gilliams who helped me gain more profit in binary trading, I really Recommend him.

  9. Hello, perfect explanation of the strategy, I just want to ask something about it, which currency pairs is this strategy mostly suitable for? What is the most suitable market time for this strategy? and also, about the MACD indicator, when it crosses down for PUT, does this necessarily have to be above the histogram or the cross is valid even if it is below the histogram? Same with when the cross is up for CALL but happens above the histogram, is it valid?

  10. I'm using Cristian's strategy too, but your video explains more precisely due to a lot of confusions. We should have a live sessions somedays. Hahaha Cheers!

  11. It works don’t go by the macd it is just a confirmation and the direction the trade is going, just the 6 and 14 MA just crosses over ,trade from the next candle

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