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  1. Sometimes you compare price direction with the macd histogram and sometimes with the macd line. How do you chose which to compare it to?

  2. Hello , free knowledge for novice traders. Excellent content. Very valuable. Where can I download the macd divergence indicator.

  3. With the big Network that luiz have, you could invest in his packs and make 10000 in a matter of days, i I’m currently making profit. I do appreciate Luis he is a genius and you can actually trust him to handle your trade /:

  4. Thank you so much. I am newbie, I just learn from your videos. Thank you so much

  5. I watched too many videos on youtube, found only three people, who have true knowledge of charts and indicators. you are one of those three guineas. would love to learn more from you. keep sharing. stay blessed.

  6. I would never take trades from divergences alone. Since it can be hard to predict if the price will reverse, because taking trades against the trend is a No no.price can just go in the opposite direction or just go sideways. Just my ideology.

  7. Choices made plays a better role in giving lives meaningful outcomes. I knew the moment I gave it a try positive results as expected Nicholas Fernandez.

  8. I just want to say a big thanks to Nicholas Fernandez I was a nobody until a friend of mine instructed me to you since then it's been nothing but financial success for me

  9. Great video. One suggestion please. I might just be me. after recording could you raise the volume of your voice?

  10. The best thing of your videos is that you always explain pros and cons thats what makes you different from other youtubers.

  11. I’ve seen your videos are really perfect for beginner, and it composes many materials, what differences are the paid lessons from the free ones since the free ones are pretty complete already. Thanks

  12. Im new in trading. Should I only trade Macd strategies? Or should I rely on some other indicators too?

  13. Very good video… like always! Not trying to show that you are the best trader, making millions but simply helping others! Keep up the good work! Ah, and I do hope you make your millions! 🙂

  14. Just saw one of your video 15 minutes back, in which you said that as comparing to rsi, mfi, stochatstic.. the MACD indicator is worst.

    But in this video you said MACD is most reliable and your favorite indicator.

    Plz tell which one is more reliable ?

    Rsi, stochastic, mfi or macd ?

  15. very nice video..i have a question..if we see two peaks on different time frames lets say from 15M 30 M 1 H 2H 3 H divergence is sometimes missing from 1 or 2 timeframes…do we need diveregence on all timeframes?i knw bigger time frames are more reliable

  16. So far so good, quality content but there is something I don't get…let me address the issue, in this video the MACD divergence is your favourite but in "How to trade regular & hidden divergences" in the last part when you mention MACD (the last one) you said that it's the worst and only signals the easiest and most common ones, please clarify.
    PS: I LOVE you videos

  17. This guy is surely a successful trader who does not need 50 100 bucks monthly for educating others. Information that he provided here freely are HOT and very important as their came from his experiences and many trial and error! I myself am very grateful and wishing him best of luck and life. Good men

  18. Hey bro, look, ill be honest to you, i'm working on a bot which can recognize patterns on the forex market and crypto currencies, what would be the perfect strategy to be executed by a computer 24/7 the whole year ? Crypto currencies never stops, so i want to have a strategy for long terms trading but i also want a strategy for short term trading, exploiting the characteristics of a computer to process data fast and precisely. At the start of this project i was thinking about scalping but now i have my doubts

  19. This was quite educative but self trading is just as good as throwing funds away just trying, let a professional trade for you while you learn and make money at the same time.I recommend John Lord as the best choice his tactics and qualities as a trader are commendable and I trust him

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